Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy

 Environmental management policy

Nittan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

              Nittan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. manufactures valves for engine exhaust. Focus on manufacturing quality products. By controlling the process at every stage. To get a quality product standards. Under the spirit and the awareness of the importance of preserving the environment. And the economical use of natural resources and the Company's policy is to execute and perform any of the following.

1. Energy conservation And Natural Resources The process economically and efficiently. With regard to cause minimal impact on the environment.

2. improve environmental management in the workspace. And processes of the company In accordance with the requirements of environmental management standard ISO14001.

3. To prevent pollution and contamination could occur. Provide for a review and update on the ongoing processes. To reduce the likelihood of contamination and pollution.

4. Follow the laws and requirements of relevant environmental. Be prepared by standard operations of the company.

5. To foster the learning process. And the participation of employees. On the environment, both within the company. Community and social
              Under the commitment, spirit Environmental management policy And various environmental activities have been pushed and promoted fully. To achieve the objective

The announcement came as at January 20, 2015.
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